Celebrating National Siblings Day with Share in the JOY at Tivoli Village

Last Saturday marked a heartwarming celebration at Tivoli Village, as St. Jude’s Ranch for Children invited Share in the JOY and other nonprofits who support children in foster care to commemorate National Siblings Day. It was a day filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the powerful bonds of siblinghood.

Activities and Games Galore

The event was a hub of excitement and JOY, with St. Jude’s Ranch for Children orchestrating an array of engaging activities and games tailored for the kids. From interactive games to creative crafts, every moment was an opportunity for children to share special experiences and create lasting memories.

Focused on Sibling Reunification

At the heart of the event was a poignant focus on sibling reunification. Recognizing the profound impact of sibling relationships, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children has a Sibling Preservation Program which champions the importance of keeping siblings together, even amidst the challenges of the foster care system.

Supporting Nonprofits Uniting for a Common Cause

The event brought together a coalition of nonprofits, each dedicated to supporting children in foster care and many promoting family reunification. The collaboration among these organizations underscored a shared commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children, strengthening communities, and advocating for the rights of siblings to stay connected.

Fox 5 News Coverage

The significance of the event was amplified by the presence of Fox 5 News, who captured the spirit of the day and shared the inspiring story with the wider community. Their coverage shed light on the importance of National Siblings Day and highlighted the efforts being made by St. Jude’s Ranch for Children to support sibling relationships within the foster care system.

A Day of JOY and Reconnection

As the event drew to a close, it was clear that it had been a day of profound significance for all involved. Foster families had bonded over shared experiences, siblings had reconnected and forged deeper bonds, and the sense of JOY and togetherness had touched the hearts of everyone present.

Share in the JOY extends heartfelt gratitude to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children for spearheading this meaningful celebration of sibling bonds among children in foster care. Share in the JOY will continue to support St. Jude’s Ranch as they advocate for sibling reunification and support all children in their journey towards a brighter, more connected future.

Join us for a special fundraiser event at Texas Roadhouse BBQ on Sunset in Henderson on March 28th! From 4-8pm, the Easter Bunny will be hopping by to spread joy, and we’ll have exciting raffle prizes for everyone to enjoy.

When you dine at Texas Roadhouse during the event and mention that you’re there to support Share in the JOY, 10% of your meal’s cost will be generously donated to our organization. These funds will help cover the costs of our upcoming Hop into JOY event on March 31st at Anthem Hills Park in Henderson.

We’re incredibly grateful for the generosity of Texas Roadhouse on Sunset in Henderson. Not only are they hosting this fundraiser for us, but they’re also catering our Hop into JOY event!

ADDITIONALLY, they’ve generously provided over 1000 free kids meal tickets that will be hidden in eggs for The Most EGG-Cellent Egg Hunt Ever at our Hop into JOY event.

Join us at Texas Roadhouse BBQ on March 28th to support Share in the JOY and make a difference in the lives of children in our community!